Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome Aboard


Three weeks ago we had a leaving party. We invited all who have helped and supported us over the years whilst we have been here working on Impetuous.  With the impetus of knowing that lots of people would be looking at the boat inside and out we scrubbed and cleaned our home into a presentable state.

Of course we didn't leave after the party, we rolled up our sleeves (metaphorically you realise, one doesn't need sleeves here unless they're to keep the bloods sucking bugs off you.)  One long list of jobs remained. Once more the boat returned to chaos as we worked through our list, tools and debris once again were scattered across the boat.

Only this time it was worse; we were packing as well.   As lockers were emptied to get to whatever may, or may not be lurking at the bottom needed to finish the current job, it couldn't be repacked until we had decided what should go back in. We packed and repacked, shoehorning more and more of our stuff and supplies in.

Over the last few days I'm pleased to say the dust has settled, been swept away and once more revealed our shipshape boat, so we thought no better time than to take a few photos and give you a little tour.

We often say that we didn't do much to the inside of the boat.   Perhaps compared to the work that has gone on with jobs such as painting, building a rudder, bowsprit and mast, what we have done inside has paled into insignificance.  However, the storm surge that took the afore mentioned items was not selective. Interior doors, cupboard fronts and trim were also washed away, but not completely, so whatever needed to be replaced had to be done so with an eye to what remained.
None more frustrating than the round over; though I should make absolutely clear it is not round; on the drawer and cupboards door fronts. Copying this detail has pushed my wood working ability to new levels.

There is still plenty to do.  But not here. The 'didn't you have your leaving party three weeks ago' joke is starting to wear thin.  We have the most important things and all the others can be added and tweaked in the future.  We've finished the hatch, toerails and lifelines and now have a hank on staysail; the table, cupboard doors, hard dinghy and refrigerator can wait.  Our attention is drawn away from work on the boat and is focusing upon studying the weather and considering our route to our destination for this year.


Kelley - Sailing Chance said...

Beautiful boat! It's funny how similar of an interior layout our boats have. We'll be posting pics soon of ours as well.

Franklin said...

Absolutely lovely. So nice to see piccies of below, many thanks for posting them!

She looks the ideal combination of cozy and workmanlike - love that forepeak! - and reminds me of Keila, particularly those strongly arched coach roof beams, albeit a lot bigger than than our little folkboat! ;-).

Hope the weather systems turn friendly so that you can say "au revoir" to the Texas crowd and set off on your adventures - and that the next blog post comes from somewhere in central America, hopefully Guatemala!

Lots of love,
Franklin, Claire, Flynn and Ivor!

Dan said...

Very nice space you have there.

Anonymous said...

The boat really turned out nice.
Fair Winds,