Saturday, July 27, 2013

Homeopathic beer...

I think one of Englands' great attributes are its pubs and for that matter the beer that is sold within them.  As the seasons change, so do the styles and taste of the beer that is sold.  If I had to write a list of things I miss most about not being in England beer and pubs would be pretty close to the top of it.

Why do I mention this?  Well our fridge is working.  Now, as neither of us has lived with a fridge for collectively about 19 years we are a little unsure of what to put in them.  The obvious stuff; meat, butter of course, but after that...  There is always beer.  Not that English beer is overly cold, we rely on our climate for that.

America has some fine beers too and one that we have particularly come to enjoy is from the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  We stocked up with a crate before we left, we were also given some really nice beers from some friends as a leaving present, but these are special occasion beers so we're trying to make them last.

So to celebrate our fridge working we went and savoured the local brew with the idea of purchasing a few.   We bought a selection of different cans and went and supped them on a nearby wall overlooking the sea. 

'Whats yours like?'  I enquired of Ruth? I could tell from her face the answer was not going to be positive. 

'Doesn't really taste of anything, very fizzy though. How about yours?' 

'Same' I replied. We swapped cans and agreed. 'Its like there is a faint taste of beer but its been so watered down you can hardly taste it, homeopathic beer, mostly water with a hint of bitterness.'

We returned without any; still with the nagging question of what to put in the fridge which will perform far better when full.  For now we have filled it up with water for drinking and have bought a couple more ice trays so we can really churn out ice.

I wonder how we ever managed to live for so long without the luxury of cold water and ice cubes.  Then I remember the amount of time and money that was spent upon our fridge and pour myself another glass of water. 


Mike Wagoner said...

Excellent - thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your adventure. Want to see more pictures and stories about your "Narrow" boat once you return to England and also the village where Duncan offers sailing lessons.

Keith said...

You've learned the secret weapon by which America will demoralize and ultimately destroy any foe - we make them drink Budweiser! Or Miller. They get so depressed they just give up.