Friday, December 2, 2016

Rubber Bucket

With Christmas round the corner some of you might be wondering what boat treats you can buy your sailing obsessed loved ones without shelling out a ridiculous sum of money. The answer is a rubber bucket. Ruth bought ours several Christmases ago before we had even launched the boat.  There was quite a bit of suspense as to what that big parcel for me might be, she assured me she hadn't spent much money but that I would like it. Ever since, it has been an indispensable boat item.

They can be a little tricky to track down. I bought my first in a builders store in Spain. Ruth found Impetuous' bucket in an equestrian and farm store. The beauty of both against anything you might find in a chandlers is the price tag.

The main attraction of them is that they are pretty much indestructible. With their heavy build and malleability they wont crack when squashed in to the locker or crushed by the tiller when you tack. They don't degrade like plastic does when left out in the sun, they can be lost over the side however. My first was swept away the day that my cooking hero Keith Floyd died, a sad day indeed. So make sure you have a leash and get in the habit of tying this precious gift to the boat.

We keep ours out as its pretty much in constant use. There is currently a pile of clothes having a soak in some rain water caught by the bucket. Ruth loads it up with her varnishing paraphernalia when she goes aloft to varnish the mast; as it is soft it doesn't dent the mast as it swings around. Though we recently finally got round to connecting our saltwater washdown pump; intended for rinsing a muddy anchor down; we did so to aid the washing of nappies, for which it excels at. For rinsing the deck down once the anchor is up, the bucket is still our tool of choice.

Recently we found yet another use for it. One that brought smiles to all our faces. 


Mike Wagoner said...

Love it. Ravi is such a happy (bonny) baby boy. I hope someday that our little Ivy Mae will be able to meet Ravi. We would love to send you a really reliable rubber bucket but we have not way of knowing how to get one to you??!! Merry Christmas to you all - Mike & Ruby

With Brio said...

These are the most adorable pictures ever -- love reading your adventures and seeing your sweet little guy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm slowly catching up on my backlog of blogs I follow, so I read your ode to the humble rubber bucket while eating breakfast this morning!! In 2016 I bought two of those giant 55 litre buckets from a Spanish Chinese shop. They've transformed my life (I have to admit...I should say 'it's' transformed my life...because I knocked one into the river when I pulled the dinghy out onto the pontoon to tip water out, and it sank immediately...but I'll be investing in another big rubber bucket the next time I get to the Chinese shop). Our buckets are used for everything - laundry,as a dry place to throw our bags in the bow of the dinghy and, like you, for baby washing. Our babies ain't so tiny any more, but at a stretch we can squeeze two in!! In summer, the bucket's great for cooling down, and in winter, on the floor of our tiny heads, with a hot water in, to warm up and wash the kiddies after a day of rambling. When it was 44 degrees C here in late summer I kept a bucket full of water in the cockpit (with the bimini over to keep it in shade) and when we overheated we could sit in the cockpit with our feet in the bucket to cool down. Thank God for rubber buckets!! All the best, Martina.