Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loose Ends

Alas, in our eagerness to blog upon our enthusiasm about Cuba we have ommitted a lot of recent news. So we thought we would attempt to draw all our loose ends together.

Firstly, we left Cuba and sailed directly to Panama. Finally we sailed the right way in the trades. A broad reach; no motoring, not beating. After a slow start Impetuous romped along chewing up the miles, and for a week we relaxed in to our watches and seemingly endless stream of books.

Secondly, yes Panama, that of canal fame. Yes, we will be transiting it soon. We have been measured; the most important prerequisite. A staggering 48 ½ ' in length; the price increases after 50'. Our 38' boat certainly doesnt feel like that big on the inside. A reverse tardis. The bow sprit and Beryl are to be blamed; our self steering gear. We have paid our fee and deposit, requested a date, several weeks hence and now intend to spend the interim.....

Thirdly, we're off to the San Blas islands to relax and prepare for the other side. Fortunately there aren't any strongly pressing jobs to do prior to our transit and we hope to spend our time varnishing, which; and you have to have the right frame of mind to concur with this; isn't really work.

Fourthly, we are delighted and somewhat relieved to have found a source for our much lamented missed Archers episodes. We had caught a trailer on the world tonight whilst catching up on podcasts and though the world seems to be merrily rolling along; Syria, bankers bonuses, Scotland campaigns etc there seems to have been a bomb dropped upon our beloved Ambridge. Just as we were getting ready to write a letter to someone, it occurred that we might Google it... Up it popped through some kind of 'Britain is awesome' site www.adrianbeal.com who as an Archers fan has taken it upon himself to provide all the Archers omnibus episodes for anyone to download. Now that's commitment!

Lastly cruising continues; we have so far been delighted with what we have found here. In our minds we'd always thought of Panama as 'where the canal is' and had failed to register it as an amazing place to visit and spend time. We now no longer pronounce Colón as if part of the bowel or like an aftershave, but as a Col on which to rest upon. Albeit for one who likes to emit an industial scent, the town has a very visceral charm to it. We're currently in Portebello, the old Pirate stonghold and the final resting place of Sir Francis Drake buried somewhere at sea in a lead coffin. Still charming none the less.

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Tracie said...

WOW!! You look Great! You make us really want to leave Now.! Can't wait. How is the weather. What suggestions to you have for us for when we do leave?

Miss You

Tracie on SV Saga Sea