Sunday, February 16, 2014

Build your own nesting dinghy day 2...

Internet has been very iffy here so we're way ahead of this now however, no time to fill in the lot, got to get on!!

We bought the wood whilst still in Texas. Since then it has made our bed in the bow less than the most comfortable. It has been stored under the mattress; cut into guess your dinghy shape sized strips and piled underneath. Also whilst still in Texas Duncan made several model dinghies from cardboard, our favorite has traveled around with us ever since and was used as a guide for the real dinghy; taking angles and dimensions from it.

It all starts with the first cut. The lines for the transom were drawn on to the correct bit of wood and cut, the floor and side pieces followed. The off cuts were gathered up and used to make the forward frame. 

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Diane Sullivan said...

Wow, what a great idea! Good planning on both your parts. Hope it's coming along. We know what sketchy wifi is like...Waterford's connections are very poor. Good luck with your dinghy!!!

Diane and Paul