Friday, March 8, 2013

Five favourite sanding songs

I've been sanding away at our bronze for the chainplates and Duncan has been happily sanding away at the mast all day so here's a pertinent thought; Music really makes the sanding go better.

Given that we've had a lot of sanding time to think about it over the years, here's what helps me on;


1.   Pussycat dolls; Jai-ho
2.  Pure Tones; totally addicted to base
3.  Tavares; Heaven must be missing an angel
4.  Beastie boys; super disco breakin'
5.  Basement Jaxx; Do your thing

It was so hard to just choose five from all the disco classics and Dancy tunes I've been listening to.  I've been listening to lots of bootlegs by the 'Freelance Hellraiser' too.   It was easy to miss out the thoroughly embarrassing Backstreet boys and Steps from the list however...

These choices absolutely do not reflect my taste in music more generally, sanding specific tunes are just that; specific.  It's a jolly beat that keeps you going and jigging along.  I find that loud music in the headphones not only helps to ameliorate the persistant grind of our excellent 6" sander but it really makes the difference between an enjoyable day of getting things done and a horrible slog that may never end... 

The bronze has been morphing from this...

to this.

Our Bulgarian friend Ivan who has a similar boat nearby told us that to work with our 3/8 bronze would be "impossible".  Turns out we must have a different definition of impossible in mind.  Sure it was hard, but in my view something is impossible when no matter how hard you try, no matter how many ways you try or for how ever long; you still can't do it.  This job only took a bit of persistance.  Considering what it would have cost us to have them made, the sanding pads and time were very small fry!

Dunc's been sanding away at the mast having finished the planing.  Although he's been trying to keep himself to Michele Thomas' Spanish course, I can tell by the grin on his face he's either listening to Belle and Sebastian or Camera Obscura.  He tells me that Billy Bragg helps him to sand too.

Dunc's sanding tunes  choice;                        Bit of a tall order I found; five songs... I struggle to decide on my dersert island disc tracks. Five sanding songs no chance. Albums maybe; to be honest i select a band and let the music machine make the decisions. But yes, Belle and Sebastian keeps me sanding. Early Fleetwood Mac, (Pete Green years) Howling Wolf, Camara Obscura (again good guess Ruthie) and the Magic Numbers have been a new find since we have been out here.  So to summise either really monotonous samey same music or something that will make you chuckle as you sand. Incidently does anyone know what a googeley moon is?  

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