Monday, February 11, 2013

Less than four weeks to go...

The bowsprit crosstrees being glued and bolted down
So, less than four weeks to go, and the only thing in our minds is the mast.

Though no doubt there could be considered to be several more pressing engagements; this is the one that matters to us, and we cannot leave without!

Unfortunately we have been hampered by rain so have been doing what we can under cover.

We bought, carefully selected and chose our sitka spruce mast boards last time we were here. We scarfed them together in order to make 60ft lengths and now have the 'mere' task of glueing them up.

As well as choosing what I now think is Duncan's brilliant design (patent pending); choosing the taper and (trickiest) choosing the glue that we are going to use; the mast is a slightly maverick challenge for us.

It seems amazing that the design we have chosen is apparently original.  Our plan entails a groove in the fwd and aft pieces and a tongue in the two side pieces which means that when the mast is together once it fits; it fits.  This is intended to both make the mast super strong and to make the clamping pain free; in that once the clamp is tight; it can't be wrong.  Of course it is then up to us to worry over thickness of glue... but it is ever thus.  No matter which glue you choose.

We are delighted how the mast just slotted together (as i thought it should) after plenty careful consideration and hard thought.  We now have to tweak the infill of all the solid parts; mostly the top of the mast taper, and finish glueing them up.  Then we are ready for the ... drum roll please... glue up day.
Although we generally share a very cheary nature and positive outlook on how generally things do go right.... this is not something that we want to be wrong about....
The factors are... Glue, wood, clamps.  Fairly simple; yes?   Hmm.  Enough glue? we overbought,hopefully, after being surprised by how much we used up just glueing the boom together.  The right glue?  We did extensive research both by asking around (fairly unhelpful in texas) and trawling the internet.  We took a long time to choose and in the end went for gel magic, a type of epoxy made by system three. 

On other matters... 

When drilling a gert big hole in one's foredeck you ought to be concerned but hey, we couldn't be happier; hark at the deep thick solid fresh looking wood and fibreglass we pulled out.
The Staysail should sit tidy in there.

 Corners of the cockpit deck, taking shape beautifully.
Terrible photo I know, but it was getting darker and so the exposure took it slower and so... the point is: THE MAST FITS!

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