Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rain stops play

Well the weather is still looking sketchy and likely to remain so for a while yet.  Our current job; we're trying to concentrate ourselves on just a few at a time; is laying a new teak deck in the cockpit but rain is making this impossible. We are generally catching up on inside jobs and i have been making a start on conecting all things engine wise. If the weather remains poor we're going to embark on main hatch building;  one of the items washed away during the Ike storm surge.  We can do this under the relative cover of the cocktail bar ( the work bench )

 Hastily built when we first arrived to shelter from the sun, the parasols had a tendancy to blow over; not the best for those precision jobs.
The cocktail bar mkII. The sides drop down giving us shelter from the weather and enabling us to close up 'shop' when we're done for the day.

We did manage to attach the cockpit coamings today, for good; important as the outermost teak plank needs to follow the coamings shape.

Ruth Sands prior to glueing. 

5200 the permanent solution! almost complete

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